Simeon Levi (RIP)

Born in Hackney, East London in the late 60′s, Simeon Levi was raised in a lively multicultural arena. Her earliest musical influences are an eclectic assortment of genres, but it was particularly the lyrical content that gave her the most influence in the era of peace, love and anti-war anthems, from Jimmy Cliff to Pink Floyd.

Bob Marley, as with many reggae artists, catered for her inner rebel, and the advent of Lovers Rock followed by Roots reggae into her life sparked an ability to write poetry which she later developed into song writing, reflecting what was in her heart and mind and of this life experience.

Simeon Levi worked alongside a number of artists and sound systems over the years, while working for the Shashamane Development Society. These include Naphtali Warrior, Rodney Culture, Clapper Priest, Roots Studio, Sirius Records, Operation Sound System (UK) and Jah Militant, Reality International and Roots Revelers (France). Simeon Levi was fundamental to the society, taking a back seat while working as its Creative Director.

Simeon Levi was also no stranger to the stage, and her early years saw her perform dance, theatre and more recently vocal performances in the UK, France and Belgium. Simeon Levi performed some of her early works from the EP All My Colours (released in 2009) and Still Waters (2010) at Planet Brasil, Belgium, alongside Madial Sound and DJ Waxx in 2004 and more recently alongside Mounkila and Djialla Dji at the Commemoration de L’abolition d’esclavage event, Centre Wallone-Bruxelles, Paris, in 2011.

2012 saw her debut single Unity on the A-Side of Righteous Works’ first twelve inch release. Previews of the track had a positive response, with Maxim J Anderson, author of the introduction to the book The Mission by Hans Wilhelm Lockot saying: “Positive lyrics over the [In Love With A Dreadlocks] rhythm, cause one to feel mellow vibes of righteousness in a world full of trouble.”

Simeon Levi’s commitment to the fundamental principles of life within Rastafari precepts shined through her songs and she was mindful of positive vibrations and empathy towards humankind and all living things. Simeon Levi’s music offers you a time to reflect and a vibe to share in positive thought.

Sadly, Simeon Levi passed away in March 2015.

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